Polaris 2014 Sleds for Sale

Oquossoc Marine is an authorized dealer for Polaris Snowmobiles. Now is the perfect time to buy.  Gear up as the season is upon us!  Our friendly staff can help you pick out the right sled for your needs.

Buy where you ride!

Check out our wide selection of late model used sleds.  Call TODAY (207) 864-5477 or email for more information.  See below for the 2012 Polaris snowmobile line-up!

2012 Polaris AdventureYOU CAN’T BE PINNED DOWN. One day you’re pounding moguls on a quick 100 mile ride. The next you’re headed out for a seven day tour and are bringing everything with. You need one sled that can do it all – where performance meets luxury. A sled that features wind protection, storage, performance and comfort. You are an Adventure rider.
2012 Polaris CrossoverGO TO WORK OR RIDE? Some choices are easy. Ripping the trail or making your own? Tougher. So why choose? Rack up a pile of miles, run the powerline, boondock through the trees into a fresh meadow. Your world is the best of both worlds. You are a Crossover rider.
2012 Polaris PerformanceYOU LIVE FOR THE POINT-TO-POINT HOT LINE. It’s all about the sweet slingshot out of the corner on your favorite trail – the thrill of fresh corduroy and the kicker off a road approach. You ride for the acceleration, the top speed, the bottomless delivery of your suspension. You are a Performance rider.
2012 Polaris Deep SnowRAW TERRAIN? You ride trails, but only because they take you to the powder. Raw terrain? Carve it, climb it, crush it – cut up through the treeline until you find a clearing, put it on it’s side, roll it over again and laugh out loud inside your helmet. Forget the journey, it’s all about the deepest destination you can find. You are a Deep Snow rider.
2012 Polaris Trail LuxuryFIRST CLASS PLEASE, FORGET COACH. You are a creature that loves comforts, and the bigger the miles the better. Take a two-up trip with the family or go for a long solo cruise in style. Storage, wind protection, long haul performance. You are a Trail Luxury rider.
2012 Polaris Utility SnowmobileWHEN THE JOB CALLS, YOUR SLED HAS TO ANSWER. The wood has to get hauled, the trap line needs tending to, and the fence line isn’t going to check itself. Throw your leg over a tool that can tow like a champ and works as hard as you do. You are a Utility rider.